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dejta två samtidigt viaplay Our full line of High Definition I, S, & R solutions delivers the combat-proven performance you need for today’s time-sensitive and critical missions. Our Commercially Developed, Military Qualified systems feature industry-leading multispectral imaging capabilities, labor saving innovations like MERLIN™ MTI, and proven reliability for airborne, maritime and ground-based platforms.

gratis dejting badoo gratis With thousands of systems deployed around the world, FLIR has a 30-year tradition of delivering powerful systems capable of withstanding and thriving in the punishing environments encountered by today’s operators.

gratis dejting badoo zoeken Cutting-edge solutions like the Star SAFIRE 380-HDc, SeaFLIR 280-HD and TacFLIR 280-HD each provide a powerful leap in performance while simultaneously reducing system size and weight. 

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Star SAFIRE 380-HDc

Long Range Performance in a Compact System

nätdejting 60 personer Introducing the Star SAFIRE 380-HDc, the first in a new class of compact, high performance, stabilized, HD imaging systems specifically engineered for helicopter ISR operators. Star SAFIRE 380-HDc provides an unmatched SWaP-C advantage for airborne applications that demand high performance ISR in a light-weight, compact package. Specifically tailored to excel at long range performance under extreme rotary aircraft conditions.

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Star SAFIRE 380-HD

The World’s Most Widely Deployed Full-HD EO/IR System

nätdejting 60 procent The world's first and only all-digital, full high definition system provides superior image stabilization, ultra long range imaging performance, and true metadata embedded in the digital video. The Star SAFIRE 380-HD is fully hardened for military fixed-wing and helicopter operations so it can operate continuously in all conditions--even while sitting on the tarmac with no airflow.

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The World’s Most Widely Deployed Full-HD EO/IR System

dejtingsida för rika dräkt The world's first and only all-digital, full High Definition system provides superior image stabilization, ultra long range imaging performance, true metadata embedded in the digital video, all with laser designation and rangefinder. The Star SAFIRE 380-HLD also provides the ability to operate continuously in all conditions—even while sitting on the tarmac with no airflow.

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Star SAFIRE 380-HLDc

Long Range Targeting Performance in a Compact System

b2 nätdejting flashback Introducing the Star SAFIRE 380-HLDc compact, high-definition, multisensor targeting system designed specifically for use on light rotorwing aircraft. The 380-HLDc provides an unmatched "SWaP-T" advantage in a sensor package tailored to give light attack helicopters the uncompromising ISR&T performance required to locate, identify, and engage targets at maximum range.

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Single LRU EO/IR Imaging System

nätdejting 60 sekunder The Star SAFIRE 260-HLD is a lightweight, gyrostabilized nine inch turret that provides up to six payloads simultaneously, including diode pumped laser designation. The Star SAFIRE 260-HLD offers a solid military program heritage in airborne, naval, and land vehicle installations. Star SAFIRE 260-HLDsystems are suitable for all classes of applications and are fully MIL-SPEC qualified.

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MERLIN Intelligence Suite

Making your sensors more intelligent

dejta två samtidigt engelska An adaptive system intelligence system for 380-HD and 380-HDc high definition imaging sensors, the Merlin Intelligence Suite reduces operator fatigue while improving crew effectiveness. Merlin Intelligence Suite includes features like MERLIN MTI that reduce operator fatigue while simultaneously improving their mission effectiveness by allowing them to concentrate on assessing small targets that are easily overlooked in the flood of information provided by HD thermal imagery.

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